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We all want to be known as the “cool boss” … Well, here’s a perfect opportunity to claim your new title. Bring your team to Epic Escapes and boost morale while also learning valuable lessons in communication, organization, and critical thinking.

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Friends & Families

Experience the exciting adventure with your family and friends!

Hobby Detectives

You are a hobby detective yourself or have a very special idea for your date.


Are you bored and looking for new challenges?


Corporate event to build the team spirit in your company.

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Players Say

My wife and I have done several escape rooms, and Epic Escapes takes the cake! Awesome production value and very challenging! A great addition to Cocoa Village.

Aaron R.


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If I’m late, can I still play?

This is where things get tricky as every time slot is pre-booked and we cannot adjust them if you are late. While there is some wiggle room between running the room. So, to answer this question: It depends on how late you are and whether or not someone has booked the room after you. If it is determined that you will not have enough time to play, then you can choose to play with the reduced time or cancel. However, cancellations made in this way will result in no refund so please plan accordingly.

I need to reschedule my reservation!

Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours prior to the start time of your game with a full refund, after which you are welcome to re-book a game/time that works for you. However once within 24 hours to your starting time (as determined by the program) then you will not be entitled to a refund.

How many people can play at once?

For the Heist the player limit is 5, for the Basement the player limit is 6, and the Lost Temple player limit is 7. That said, if you have an extra player they may be allowed to play. Just keep in mind that these room are designed for the number of players posted so having an extra player may limit your experience.

Do I need a reservation?

Yes! Just click on any of the Book Now buttons you see and it will direct you to our reservation system.

How much does it cost?

The games cost $30 per player plus applicable sales tax. At this time we only accept payment via our online booking software for security purposes.

Is this a haunted house?

No. While Escape rooms can trace their start to versions of Haunted Houses it is a completely different experience.

How long do I have to complete the game?

You will have 1 hour (60 minutes) to play the game. This does not include your story briefing which is why we recommend that you show up 15 minutes early to your game time.

Are there any age restrictions for participants?

Overall no, there is not any age restrictions. However, in order to book one of our rooms, you need to be over the age of 18. Players under the age of 18 will need to have a parent/guardian present to sign their waiver. For the safety/security of everyone involved, we also require someone over 18 to be in the room. ID may be asked to verify age.

Do I have to arrive in advance?

In order to have sufficient time to brief you before your adventure as well as to sign waivers it is recommended to arrive 15 minutes early. Not doing so may adversely affect you available play time.

What, if anything, should I bring to the game?

Your magnificent puzzle-solving brain! Everything else needed will be found in game. Note: again you may be asked to present ID for age verification.

Is it scary?

While there may be a jump scare or two in your game, it is not designed to be “scary.” We would define it more as thrilling or exciting depending on the scenario. You wont need to worry about anything jump out at or grabbing you, besides maybe your teammates ;).

I am trying to set up a Corporate Training Event. What do I need to do?

Excellent! Please email us at EpicEscapesCocoa@gmail.com in advance of the event (preferably 1 week minimum). This is so we can set up an appropriate time/date for your event. We generally will host these events during non-operating hours to make sure you have ample time and everyone can enjoy the experience. Pricing for Corporate events will vary from posted prices.

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