3-10 Players
60 Minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Ready for an Epic Adventure? Well, we have one for you.

   The Super Plumber Bros. Frankie and Vinny are the best at what they do and that’s fixen pipes. They attend to all the princesses’ castles needs.
Keeping the castle fountains flowing and most important bringing fresh water into Mushroom Land.
Frankie and Vinny have made so many new friends since working at the castle. But, one fellow they stay away from is Browser. He has been so angry with the Bros. and now he has been sneaking around breaking pipes and making a mess out of Mushroom Land in hopes to be the top plumber again for the Princess.
 But, Browser is no match for the Bros. when it comes to pipes, so now he has captured their friends, holding them captive over the sea of fire.
The Bros. can’t do it all with watching the pipes and saving their friends, so they are calling on you for help to capture Browser and save the beautiful land of Mushrooms before Browser sets it all on fire!