3-5 Players
60 Minutes
Difficulty: Hard / Expert level

THE CUBE…Come be the first to experience a new way to play an escape room.

Death has been walking around the world for many centuries. In the entire history of the universe, no one could outwit it, let alone avoid it. Death was known as a generous giver, but its gifts did not bring benefit to anyone. To this day, all around the world, there are legends of the three great gifts of Death. The elder wand — the most powerful wand in the world, brought the lives of greedy and proud hunters of fame and recognition, into the clutches of Death. The Resurrection Stone allowed Death to take the lives of weak, faint-hearted sufferers who were unable to survive the loss of life. And, the Invisibility Cloak which brought as much harm to people, as it did to Death.

Not so long ago, the unthinkable happened. The three gifts were stolen from Death’s lair, and this infuriated it. Now it is looking for any mortal who can help it to search for the gifts, as well as the thief who dared to trespass on Death’s territory.

Do you dare to embark on this quest to find all three Deadly Hallows?